The BodyRest

3-in-1 Solution for Home or Office

Desk, work chair and standing desk in one.

The BodyRest is the world’s first fully integrated ergonomic workstation, with a design based on active seating and NASA research to help maintain the best possible posture for office work. The work surface can be folded for storage in small spaces. Available in two sizes for laptop and external monitor.

Foldable table for storage

Adjustable table height

Adjustable seat distance

Heel support
for optimal position

Active seat

Easy-to-clean antibacterial upholstery

About BodyRest

The BodyRest is an entirely new concept: a mobile work station that follows your body. The BodyRest provides perfect support for your body and gives the freedom of movement during work. 

The BodyRest (pat.pending) is an all-in-one ergonomic solution based on NASA research and designed around the body to help maintain the best possible posture while working from home or at the office.

The BodyRest folds up requiring only a small space when not in use and makes an ideal solution for homes and offices where space is at a premium.

The BodyRest gives you the chair and table in one neat package, so there is no more need for separate furniture to allow you to work from home. With the BodyRest you can sit, stand and move around with complete freedom.

With the BodyRest, you can instantly sit in an anatomically stress free posture, maintaining the ideal angles of your hips, arms and knees and your heels off the ground to decrease muscle tension.

Did you know that workspace costs, including furniture expenses incurred when working remotely are deductible in taxation in Finland? If the acquisition cost is no more than €1,000 / piece of furniture, you can claim the expenses in one go during the year of purchase. Source: Finnish Tax Administration. Please consult your local tax authority for applicability in other jurisdictions

BodyRest development

We developed the BodyRest by building a solution around the human body from the ground up to find the ideal posture for office work. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the BodyRest is all you need for your ideal posture with minimal muscle fatigue while working with a laptop.

Thanks to its ingenious design, the BodyRest allows the user to set up the NASA specified Neutral Body Posture or NBP in minutes. The NBP was standardised by NASA after studies and experiments done in microgravity onboard space stations, with the aim of identifying the posture in which the human body experiences the least muscle fatigue.

Whereas the NASA study measures 16 different angles of the body, the BodyRest allows you to find the ideal posture measuring just 3 basic body angles using the BodyRest angle guides.

2020 inspired design

We wanted to apply NASA’s study in the real world because, like most people during the 2020 quarantine, we found that ergonomics at home were lacking. We started designing a solution around the human body from the ground up. By simulating the microgravity NBP in our own way and applying all the knowledge accumulated during our company’s 33 year history, we developed a completely new concept in the BodyRest – and even reinvented the chair seat in the process.

Using the BodyRest

Using the BodyRest is a delight. You can set up the perfect Neutral Body Posture in minutes and move around the room at will to find your perfect backdrop for a new view whenever you want. The seat is equipped with an active mechanism, which moves along with your body and you can even modify the seat contours to suit your preference. If you want to work standing up, just lift the work surface higher and turn the work surface 90 degrees. 

Simple and versatile

The BodyRest consists of the chair and integrated work surface, which can be adjusted for distance and height. The work surface is available in large and small size and can be rotated horizontally as well as flipped vertically to save space while storing.

The work surface rests on a height adjustable column, which can also be adjusted for distance from the user. A heel rest situated on the crossbar can be moved horizontally to provide a stress free angle for your feet.

All new seat

The seat, which we call the Sitz, has been designed specifically to accompany the BodyRest and for working in the Neutral Body Posture. The generous size of the seat and memory foam layers provide maximal support with minimal pressure on your body parts. The mechanism is dynamic and moves along with your body, so the only adjustment you need to make is for height.

Easily modified

The Sitz is equipped with an adjustable central cushion, which can be moved forward to provide airflow and less support for the perineum and genital area, or removed altogether according to preference. The Sitz is upholstered with the innovative Aquaclean Energy fabric, which means it protects against viruses and bacteria, and is easy to clean with plain water.

About us

Tuolitalo has specialised in seating since 1987. Our wide selection of office, 24/7, healthcare task chairs and patient chairs has always been quality oriented and we pride ourselves on our premium products and service. The BodyRest is the latest in our long line of innovations, please visit our larger selection at

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